EQ Compression Sock

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From a collaboration between specialists in the compression field, utilising Italian manufactured ECONYL® recycled nylon yarns from recovered fishing nets, pre-and-post fabric offcuts, and disused carpets. Our compression socks feature athlete-optimised graduated compression for improved power, recovery and reduced injury risk.

World leading comfort and performance:

  • Enhanced performance and recovery. Graduated compression of the vital calf musculature to reduce fatigue and injury rate.
  • Fewer Injuries, zero discomfort. Enhanced arch support to reduce overuse and stabilisation-based injuries, anatomically designed footbed to reduce blistering.
  • Stay dry and comfortable. High filament nylon yarns for advanced moisture management and extreme durability.

World leading sustainability:

  • Made from recycled materials. Features ECONYL®, an Italian recycled yarn which uses ethically sourced upcycled disused fishing nets and other post-consumer waste.
  • Extreme durabilityThanks to the highly durable nylon construction, our compression socks will retain their precisely calibrated compressive properties wear after wear. 

Product Highlights

Recycled & Recyclable

100% recycled and recyclable fibres.

High Filament Yarns

Enhanced comfort and freedom of movement.

Improved Performance

Faster recovery and reduced muscle soreness.

Fabric Library

We design, manufacture and engineer everything about our fabrics.

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