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From our genesis, we've held steadfast to one principle: no compromise

The tension between high performance and sustainability has existed in the dynamic realm of sportswear. But we refuse to accept that they must be at odds. We believe in the power of an idea, a company, to ignite a transformative revolution by rejecting compromise.

Our revolution, fueled by genuine passion, not corporate rhetoric, proves that revolutionary performance and sustainability are not adversaries but allies. Each garment we create tells a tale of innovation and sustainability, woven with eco-friendly materials and cutting-edge technologies. From biodegradable yarns to earth-conscious dyes, our commitment to transparency ensures third-party certifications back every claim.

At our heart lies the conviction that sustainability enhances, not diminishes, excellence. Our relentless pursuit of perfection drives us to integrate groundbreaking sustainable technologies without sacrificing performance. With meticulous attention to detail, we engineer fabrics and collaborate with sustainability pioneers, pushing boundaries and redefining what's achievable.

We are resolutely uncompromising in our pursuit of sustainable and athletic excellence.

Designed to perform. Designed to preserve. 

Jamie Hunt & Andy Nicholson, Co-Founders

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