Power Tight


Features one of the most advanced compression technologies on the planet, MAPP. Muscle Alignment Power Print keeps your muscles perfectly aligned which reduces micro-tearing during exercise. Combined with our targeted graduated compression, you dramatically reduce muscle oscillation, promote optimal blood flow, and get industry leading power output. The result is arguably the best high performance tights money can buy.

World leading comfort and performance:

  • Enhanced performance and recovery. Muscle Alignment Power Print and EcoPower CK fabric combine to reduce muscular fatigue, increase blood flow, without compromising on weight, power or stretch.
  • Optimal compression, unparalleled durability. LYCRA® for exceptional fit, enhanced post workout recovery, 36-gauge Knit structure for durability and no sheerness guaranteed, and active seams for 4x the strength and more stretch than flatlock.
  • Stay dry and comfortable. High filament nylon yarns for the best moisture management and comfort you can find in a serious compression garment.
  • Performance is in the details. Jacquard waistband for security and adjustability. Internal key pocket.

World leading sustainability:

  • Made from recycled materials. Manufactured using GRS Certified recycled Nylon yarns from 6 recycled water bottles.
  • Protecting our planet and the waterways. We use EcoDye for chemical free dyeing. 70% less chemicals, 70% less water, and 65% lower co2 emissions (over traditional dyeing).

Product Highlights

Improved Performance

Faster recovery and reduced muscle soreness.


Chafe free comfort.


Muscle Alignment Power Print improves power output.

Fabric Library

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