Core 2n1 7" Shorts


Combines an industry leading outer short that has unrivalled durability, and flexibility with an industry leading compression inner-short for enhanced muscle support, improved performance, and injury prevention. The 2in1’s could easily be the only shorts you ever need.

World leading comfort and performance:

  • Enhanced performance and recovery. EcoPower CK fabric reduces muscular fatigue, increases blood flow, without compromising on weight, power or stretch.
  • Performance is in the details. Jacquard waistband for security and adjustability and an internal key pocket.
  • Unparalleled durability. High filament anti-chafe technology and PU-free ultra stretchy fabric, built to last.
  • Complete freedom of movement. Mechanical stretch fabric won’t hold you back.

World leading sustainability:

  • Made from recycled materials. EcoPower CK is Manufactured using GRS Certified recycled Nylon yarns from recycled water bottles.
  • Protecting our planet and the waterways. We use EcoDye for chemical free dyeing. Using 70% less water and chemicals, and with 65% lower Co2 Emissions.

Product Highlights

Improved Performance

Faster recovery and reduced muscle soreness.

Enhanced Storage

Your keys, phone and cards where you need them.

Dissolved Yarns

Ultra lightweight and breathable.

Fabric Library

We design, manufacture and engineer everything about our fabrics.

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