Power Tights win ‘best workout tights’

GQ Magazine Fitness Awards 2022

Back in 2022, our power tights were deemed the best workout tights by the prestigious magazine GQ. In their review, GQ posed the question “come on now [...] how much tech can you possibly pack into a pair of tights?” 

Well, as they discovered, you can pack a lot into a pair of tights.

The benefits of compression technology has been extensively researched; particularly by the Australian Institute of Sport, who selected Pressio to be their compression partner. Their expertise, and backing of our compression garments tells us that when GQ say “check your scepticism in the changing room: wearing these really will make you feel more powerful”, they’re right. You’ll ‘feel’ more powerful, because our tights improve performance. It’s as simple as that.

Here’s a deep dive into the technology in our power tights, and what it can do for you:


Keeps key muscle groups perfectly aligned to improve movement efficiency and power, as well as reducing the number of microtears for less muscle soreness.

EcoPower CK

Highly advanced 36-gauge circular knit is durable, body sculpting, and absolutely no sheerness guaranteed. High filament yarns ensure breathability, so you stay dry and comfortable.

Recycled Fibres

GRS certified recycled nylon and dye-free technology. Uses 70% less chemicals and water, with 65% lower co2 emissions, versus traditional dyeing.

Graduated Compression

LYCRA® for exceptional fit and comfort, and consistent compressive power. Our graduated compression is verified and tested by Salzman, providing improved venous blood flow and faster recovery.


Optimal compressive power for improved performance and faster recovery.


For easy storage of your valuables.

Jacquard waistband

Chafe free, adjustable, and comfortable.

Active Seams

4x stronger than flatlock, with significantly more stretch. This enables our circular knit to deliver consistent compressive performance across the whole garment, whilst saving weight and adding durability and comfort.