Your Guide:
Johannes Hases

I am an upcoming elite runner from Sweden that's started running a bit late- 2014, with a long-term goal to achieve a 29 min 10k or faster, I don't like to put limits on myself. I love running but also the other things that make running a bit more enjoyable for me, like running shoes and apparel. I'm coached by Mike Foppen from the Netherlands since 2020.

The City

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, encompasses 14 islands and more than 50 bridges on an extensive Baltic Sea archipelago. Stockholm is known as one of the most inclusive and welcoming cities in the world. Its contemporary, urban appeal is balanced with centuries-old history and closeness to nature.

Run Routes

Our ambassadors have spent years logging in thousands of miles around their cities. Often routes you will never find anywhere else. We have asked them when they can throw in some more untraditional routes, routes that only the locals know.

Run Group

Great way to meet locals and be lead through a new city. We have picked out a few for each city to cover all speeds.

Workout & Recovery

At Pressio we know all about recovery, our compression tights will cover your recovery for even your toughest workouts, however, if you need a little extra like massage or ice baths, we have our local recommendations.


Lugnet in Falun got an indoor (with a gym alongside it) and outdoor track, I've logged many km at this place, they also got a swimming pool for water running and facilities regarding massage, running analysis, naprapathy and more

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Eat & Stay

The locals know what’s good, and we want something that will nourish us but also be substantial to fuel us through our workouts. We asked our runners to pick out places where the locals eat.

Hotels- great gym, maybe a lap pool, and comfortable beds, and of course good runs nearby.

5 Questions with Cameron Graves

Favorite training partner?

My kid sitting in the child seat behind my girlfriend on the bike with my puppy who is a big upcoming contender, a flat-coated retriever. We got him to give me a training partner when I'm doing my easy days, she is now 6 months old and soon ready to run. I also got a couple of friends that I like to run with but living in the countryside doesn't make it easy to link up. Park, Auckland Domain and Waterfront.

Do you have any pre-run snacks?

I love coffee, and I combine it with a banana one hour before running, depending on what time it is, I usually don't like running on an empty stomach.

Greatest achievement to date?

Running a 10k in 31 minutes on a training run on the track one month ago and lace-up once again and fight my inner self to test my limits.

Favorite place to run in Stockholm?


What's good about running in Stockholm?

For me it’s the number of runners, you are not alone, from amateur to elite. There’s also a lot of big-running communities to get yourself involved with.