San Francisco

Your Guide:

I am a former professional triathlete turned coach. I coach beginners and world champions alike. I stand out with a highly personalized approach, empathy, and motivational capabilities.

My tailored programs that reflect 30+ years of experience and fascination for sports science and psychology. I'm inspired by the love for endurance sports and the outdoors.
I'm still a passionate athlete that enjoys nature and physical challenge, while still balancing my time with reading, meditation, and the constant pursuit of self-improvement.

The City

Individually one of the world’s most physically attractive cities, San Francisco bears it all for those who run and want to experience breathtaking views of the city.

Run Routes

Our ambassadors have spent years logging in thousands of miles around their cities. Often routes you will never find anywhere else. We have asked them when they can throw in some more untraditional routes, routes that only the locals know.

Workout & Recovery

At Pressio we know all about recovery, our compression tights will cover your recovery for even your toughest workouts, however, if you need a little extra like massage or ice baths, we have our local recommendations.

Project Juice

Bright, beautiful locations and excellent smoothies options.

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Blue Bottle Coffee

The Coffee king of San Francisco.

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Corepower Yoga

Great if you are new into the Yoga World

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Eat & Stay

The locals know what’s good, and we want something that will nourish us but also be substantial to fuel us through our workouts. We asked our runners to pick out places where the locals eat.

Hotels- great gym, maybe a lap pool, and comfortable beds, and of course good runs nearby.

5 Questions with Tortsen Abel

What’s your perfect run?

Watching the sunrise over San Francisco from the Headlands.

What's great about running in SF?

There are so many great running routes. SF has to offer everything a runner's heart desires such as views, hills, trails, and good weather. The ambient air temperature is perfect, on the cooler side, though, therefore ideal for running.

Favorite SF Loop?

That's a difficult question because you are spoiled for choices. It never gets boring. Personally, my fav is the headlands, just across the Golden Gate Bridge, with its countless trails.

Local SF tip?

Twin Peaks - enjoy the amazing views high above the city.